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God's Country Coffee Mission: 

Genuine authentic relationships, faith and values are what’s at the heart of our brand. We believe there is no easy way, just the right way. This means discipline, commitment, respect and loyalty always. It also means honesty in the roasting process. At God’s Country Coffee we don’t sacrifice the best to save a few dollars and we don’t roast to someone else’s idea or what’s trendy. What you will get is the highest quality beans with every different origin roasted to where we feel that bean performs the best and tastes delicious in the cup. Simply put, the coffee we sell is the coffee we drink.

At the end of the day we believe coffee is about people and their relationships. Our mission is to serve you with the highest quality coffee from farm to cup and to treat all people with the inherent value that has been given by their Creator. We hope to serve you with the highest standards and keep your coffee mug full! 


About the Owners: 



Roaster Jer is a Husband, Father of four, Pastor, and Coffee fanatic. He started roasting 12 years ago out of a necessity of getting good coffee. One roaster turned into a bigger roaster which turned into another bigger roaster and finally turned into an obsession. He has trained at Boot Coffee in California and spent thousands of hours reading, researching, experimenting and roasting. All that has brought a philosophy and strategy to roasting which is captured in every bag of God’s country coffee.



 Dan is a 5 x top 10 CrossFit Games competitor and strength and conditioning specialist. He owns and operates a training program with the purpose of physical, mental and spiritual development. His love for coffee began when it provided a needed boost for training and coaching before the sun came up and since then, has developed into a vehicle to represent the God’s Country Coffee mission: Developing authentic relationships, sharing values and faith. He is also Danny Broflex.